Car Wash

Mo-Fri 7:00-19:30

The Kärcher TB 42 portal washing line for automatic cleaning of commercial vehicles is best suited for a wide range of vehicle sizes - from small vans, buses to trucks.

Description and function of the washing line

Two pairs of light barriers for better contour scanning reliably take care of the exact course of washing, safely recognize various designs (spoilers, loading ramps, various types and locations of exterior mirrors).

With a maximum washing width of 2.90 m and a maximum washing height of 4.25 m, these washing lines are equipped for many different types of vehicles.

The three-brush portal will also convince you with its user comfort. This includes individually selectable washing programs for various degrees of pollution, as well as distribution cabinets for water, electricity and media, which are easily accessible from the front. In this washing line is possible to wash both commercial vehicles (trucks, buses, vans, semi-trailers, trailers, vehicles with an American profile, etc..) as well as some standard cars. Pressure special washing is also a specialty. Our washing line has a working length of 21m, so all vehicles, including articulated buses, can be reliably washed.

All the possibilities of our washing line can be discussed with our trained staff.

Contacts: Ing.Jan Vydra    +420 737 229 612;  Josef Kollman    +420 737 229 420

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