Car Wash

Mo-Fri 6:30-18:30; Sat 7:00-12:00; Su 13:00-18:00

You can use our fully automatic unattended washing line, which is designed for washing bus and truck bodies, including trailers. The washing line can be characterized by short washing times for individual buses or vehicles. It is the largest washing line in Mělník and surroundings for washing trucks, commercial vehicles and buses.

Description and function of the washing line

The washing line is four-brush, passable. The perfect cleaning of your buses or vehicles is ensured by 4 washing segment brushes with drive units that are movably suspended on the line structure. The device washes the front, sides and rear of the bus when passing the line. The brushes are segmental constructions with X-profile horsehair - shaky and are independently driven by their own electric motors. Soaking and rinsing of the washed bus are provided by 2 spray frames. The first frame serves as a dipping, the second as a rinse. The mode of entering the washing line is then provided by a traffic light controlled by the control unit.

Service manager: Martin Bernard     +420 737 229 568

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